Regional Arts Development Fund Grants

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) supports the professional development and employment of arts and cultural workers in regional Queensland. RADF is a partnership between State Government, through Arts Queensland, and your local council (Winton Shire Council). RADF funds one-off, short term projects that offer professional arts, cultural and heritage opportunities.

The Winton Shire Council bids for an annual allocation of funding for the region from Arts Queensland. This allocation is managed by the Winton Shire Council through a locally run RADF grants program. Local artists and cultural workers can apply to RADF under the categories of:

  • Developing regional skills;
  • Building community cultural capacity;
  • Interest-free arts loan;
  • Cultural tourism;
  • Contemporary collections/stories;
  • Regional partnerships;
  • Concept development; and
  • Arts policy development and implementation.

Applications are assessed by a publicly elected committee.

However below are examples of projects RADF does not fund:

  • Amateur arts;
  • Applicants who submit unsigned applications;
  • Applicants who have failed to acquit previous RADF grants;
  • Projects for which art workers are paid less than the recommended rates;
  • Activities that commence before Council approval is given;
  • Murals;
  • School arts activities;
  • Framing or freight;
  • Competitions;
  • Eisteddfod;
  • Publishing costs;
  • Purchase of capital items; and
  • Workshops that are part of an organisation's 'core business'.

Please click the link below to find the forms you will be required to complete if you wish to seek RADF funding.

The outcome report will need to be filled out on completion of the RADF funded project should you be successful in your submission.