Wild Dog management committee

The Winton Wild Dog Management Committee was established in 2012 and has been a positive step forward in the management of wild dogs and their impacts. This is due to the advisory group being led and managed by the local Landholders and key stakeholders in partnership with the Winton Shire Council.

Predation on livestock from wild dogs has been an ongoing issue across most areas of the Winton shire for many years. A number of Landholders have implemented various forms of control with varying success. Sheep and wool producers have felt the brunt of the impacts and many have left the industry mostly due to predation from wild dogs. A number of Landholders have re-stocked with cattle but still feel the impacts of wild dogs through injuries and significantly reduced returns on cattle that have sustained dog bites.

Historically, the main control technique has been the use of Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080) in fresh meat baits. This technique has been used by distributing meat baits from the air or on the ground by hand. Several Landholders are investigating the use of exclusion fencing methods to protect livestock from predation. Additional methods have included trapping and eradicating wild dogs with the use of a ‘Trapper’. 

The Winton Wild Dog Management Committee meet quarterly in the Winton Shire Council meeting room.

For further information on the Wild Dog Management Committee President’s details please contact Council on (07) 4657 2666.