Planning Scheme

Winton Shire Planning Scheme

Winton Shire Council is pleased to advise that the new Winton Shire Planning Scheme is now adopted. The community and stakeholders are encouraged to review the document.

The purpose of the planning scheme is to shape and manage development in the Winton Shire over the next 10-20 years.

The planning scheme can be downloaded or viewed in person at the office of Winton Shire Council at 75 Vindex Street, Winton QLD 4735. Interested parties may also purchase a copy of the document from either council office.


The following factsheets may assist you in understanding key aspects of the planning scheme:

The Winton Shire Planning Scheme

Download a complete copy of the planning scheme.


View the new interactive online mapping to support the planning scheme.

Alternatively, static PDF zone, precinct and flood mapping are contained in Schedule 2 (mapping) of the planning scheme.

Where the planning scheme calls up certain mapping for a certain purpose, the hyperlink to access the mapping is provided in the planning scheme document.

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