Administrative Access

Winton Shire Council's Administrative Access Scheme allows people to be given access to information through a streamlined process. It is an easier and quicker process than the formal Right to Information or Information Privacy application process. Where possible, Winton Shire Council will release information under its Administrative Access Scheme.

Follow this link to download a copy of the Winton Shire Council Administrative Access Scheme (PDF). 

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply for information; however, there is no guarantee that access will be given.

In most cases the Administrative Access Scheme is used for applicants who require access to their own personal information.

Information which may be accessed

Any information, as long as it is not exempt, may be accessed under the scheme.

In some cases, Council may blank out some information before providing it. This is done to protect other people's privacy or to protect confidential information.

Current employees are entitled to access their own employee records in accordance with Part 3 of the Public Service Regulation 2008.

Information not able to be accessed

Information that will not be released under this scheme includes:

  • Information that is prohibited from release under law
  • Information that is exempt under the Right to Information and Information Privacy Act
  • Information in draft form
  • Information that is no longer readily available as it is contained in archives or is difficult to acces for similar reasons

Further Information

For more information on Council's Administrative Access Scheme, please Contact Us