Animal Control

Winton Shire Council has implemented requirements for Animal Control to:

(a) protect the community against risk of injury and damage; and
(b) to ensure that animals do not create a nuisance, or hazard to health or safety; and
(c) to make sure that animals are kept and used in a way that is consistent with the rights and expectations of the local community.

Current Animals in Winton Shire Council Pound


The changes to the legislation will require both CATS and DOGS to be registered and micro-chipped with the Local Council. It is encouraged that all cats and dogs are micro-chipped, however, micro-chipping will only be compulsory in the following circumstances:

  • Cats and dogs under 12 weeks of age;
  • Cats and dogs that have changed ownership through sale or gift; and
  • Declared dangerous dogs.

This is a State initiative to secure the health and safety of the community and the surrounding environment. Council will be implementing the new legislation in the upcoming months. If you require further information please contact Council on (07) 4657 2666.

Other Animals

Cattle, Sheep, Horses and Goats

The keeping of Cattle, Sheep, Horses and Goats is absolutely prohibited on land having an area less than 4000m². A permit is required to keep any of the above animals on land equal to or more than 4000m². The keeping of three or more of the stated animals on any land in the Town area is absolutely prohibited.

Town Common

Cattle and Horses are allowed to be agisted on the town common. An application must be filled out and submitted to Council and contact made with the Common Ranger as to the availability of room on the Common. Twenty-five (25) per head per resident is allowed on the Common.


Animals that are found wandering at large on public land may be impounded by one of Council's authorised officers. Animals that are trespassing on private land may be impounded by the occupier of the land and surrendered to Council. Council is not obliged to accept custody of an animal impounded. There are fees payable to Council for the release of an animal from the pound.

Unregistered animals are to be held for three days (and reasonable steps taken to find the owner) under section 127 of the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.