1080 Baiting Program

Sodium fluoroacetate (PDF) (1080) is a useful pesticide for the control of invasive animals and has been used throughout Australia since the early 1960s. 1080 is the most efficient, humane and species-specific pesticide currently available for invasive animal control in Australia. In Queensland, 1080 is registered for use in the control of wild dogs, feral pigs, foxes and rabbits.

Council offers rural landholders the opportunity to participate in 1080 baiting programs to control invasive pest animals such as wild dogs and feral pigs on their properties within the Winton Shire Council area. These campaigns are generally conducted in April/May (early Winter) and again in August/September (early Spring) targeting wild dog activity and breeding cycles.

Council can also provide 1080 baits to rural landholders outside of the baiting program dates as required.

Landholders can apply directly to Queensland Health for a 1080 Permit allowing landholders to purchase and store premanufactured baits and Canid Pest Ejectors without the need to contact Council.

If you suspect your domestic animal has had contact with 1080, contact a vet immediately.

For further information on Winton Shire Council's 1080 Baiting Program and how to become involved, please contact Council's Rural Services Officer on (07) 4657 2666.