Refuse Management Refuse Management

Rubbish Collection

Winton offers a weekly rubbish pick-up service. Bins should be out on the foot path by 7:00am

  • Monday: Streets running East - West
  • Wednesday: Streets running from North - South
  • Mon/Wed/Fri: Commercial Businesses

Bulk collection of rubbish

Council 2-3 times a year comes around to all the houses within the township to collect unwanted items and rubbish for FREE. Council will take anything that you no longer want or need, with the exception of asbestos material. People wishing to discard of heavy/large and toxic items will need to register at the council office so such items can be dealt with appropriately. This however WILL NOT incur any financial penalty, and the service for such items will still be FREE.

Once advertised in the Winton Herald, you are invited to place you name on the register, to do this please call the Environmental Health Officer on (07) 4657 2666.

Refuse Tip

See Council’s Fees & Charges schedule for prices on dumping contaminated soil and asbestos materials or contact the Environmental Health Officer on (07) 4657 2666.

Waste reduction

It is important to try to reduce the amount if rubbish heading to our landfills as single use items are becoming increasingly popular and more and more rubbish is heading to landfills all the time. Below are some simple steps to help reduce the amount of rubbish heading to landfills.

Resist – the temptation to buy/use single use items

Reduce – the amount of items bought

Reuse – items as much as possible

Repair – items before buying a new one

Recycle – only when an item cannot be reused or repaired

Recover – all items that have gone into land fill