Council Meeting Dates Council Meeting Dates

All General Meetings of Winton Shire Council are held in the Board Room, Winton Shire Council, 75 Vindex Street, Winton. The meetings are scheduled to commence at 8.00 am.

January 2019                 24th January

February 2019               21st February

March 2019                    21st March

April 2019                       18th April

May 2019                       16th May

June 2019                      20th June

July 2019                        18th July

August 2019                   15th August

September 2019            19th September

October 2019                 17th October

November 2019             21st November

December 2019             19th December


All correspondence should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer at the following address:

Winton Shire Council
PO Box 288
Winton QLD 4735