Winton Buy Local Gift Cards


The “Buy Local” Gift Cards will be available from the Winton Shire Council Main Office, from Monday 28 October, 2019.

Following the February 2019 Monsoon Flood disaster, the Winton Shire Council was provided with Commonwealth Category D – Exceptional Circumstances funding to the value of $1m. From this funding, the North-West Queensland Flood Disaster Carcass Disposal Strategic Master Plan was developed, and Council administered payments of $5,000 per property to assist with carcass disposals. A total of $685,000 was paid to eligible landowners within the Winton Shire. This left a balance of $315,000 to be used on priorities deemed most urgent to Council associated with the event.

After much consideration, Council decided to use the balance of the funding on purchasing and distributing pre-loaded Winton ‘Buy Local’ gift cards (1,000 cards @ $300 plus costs) for community members within the shire. Following this flood event, Council considered our local businesses were greatly disadvantaged, even though they suffered minimal flood damage, the town was isolated and the flow of visitors stopped. Compensation was not available to offset this financial hardship so the Winton ‘Buy Local’ gift card was considered the best option to support our community and local businesses.

The “Buy Local” Gift Cards will be available Monday 21 October – Friday 25 October 2019 between the hours of 9am – 6pm from the Winton Shire Council Foyer (the first door from Werna Street), please only use this door. (If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to call 4657 2666 ask for Helen Fogarty or email

The guidelines for the distribution of the Winton ‘Buy Local’ Cash Card are as follows: -

  1. Each Winton ‘Buy Local’ Gift Card will be pre-loaded with $300 and shall be valid for a period of 12 months from 15 October 2019;
  2. The cards will only be valid within the Winton Shire Council area;
  3. To be eligible to receive a Winton ‘Buy Local’ Gift Card, the resident’s name must be listed on the current Electoral Roll for the Winton Shire Council or be a resident with proof of residing in Winton;
  4. Cards will be distributed from the Winton Shire Council Foyer only;
  5. Before a card is issued to a resident, the resident will need to provide a form of identification (eg drivers licence, Medicare card, pension card etc) satisfactory to staff and must sign for the card;
  6. Only 1 card will be issued per person, and lost cards will not be replaced;
  7. Cards will be issued to an individual in person only;  
  8. To be eligible to receive a card, the resident must be over 18 years of age.