Youth & Recreation Youth & Recreation

The Winton Shire Council are committed to actively engaging with the young people of the Winton community via the Youth & Recreation Program.

The Youth & Recreation Program will deliver a high quality service such as a Developmental and Vacation Care Program as well as celebrating a variety of annual celebrations such as National Youth Week, NAIDOC Week, Shockwave Workshops and Festival.

The aim of the Youth & Recreation Program is to promote the youth and their contribution to the community by providing resources, support and leadership.

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Winton Youth Vacation Care Program 2017

  • The Youth Vacation Program will begin on Tuesday 3rd January and is for ages 8 and up. The program will start at 9am in the morning and end every afternoon at 3pm.
  • Each day will start with a breakfast group and a check in where we discuss the program for the day and what they may need to bring (if available) in coming days. E.g. Hats, water bottles, costumes and props.
  • The morning session will be outside in the park next door where will play games like dodge ball, red rover & Fishing for Marbles etc. This will occur every morning except games will differ.
  • The middle session will be as per the Vacation Care Program. Except for the excursion to the pool on Tuesday afternoon at 1:45pm. Children will return to the Youth Centre at 3:15pm.
  • Afternoon session will allow children to finish any arts and craft, rest and play inside games. Children may assist with setting up for the next day including any ideas that they may want to add to the program.


 Download a copy of the program Here