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Grids Policy Review




Over the years there has been quite a deal of confusion in relation to the ownership, installation, management, maintenance and cleaning of grids across public roads throughout the Shire. There are approximately 250 grids within Winton Shire and it has been a constant dilemma for Council staff to apply a clear and consistent response when grid issues arise. Understandably, the land holders are also equally confused about how these works are being managed.


To address this, Council has prepared a Draft Grids Policy with copies available from the Winton Shire Council Chambers, Winton Library and the Winton Neighbourhood Centre. The draft policy is available for public review and comment for a period of 30 days. We are very conscious of engaging the community and affected landowners to ensure all points of view are given proper consideration. I encourage you to review the draft policy and submit your feedback in writing to Council prior to Friday 8 March 2019.


The proposed timeframe for introducing the new Grids Policy is as follows:


1. Public Consultation – closes 8 March 2019

2. Review and consider feedback – March 2019

3. Policy amendments as necessary – April 2019

4. Policy adoption at Council meeting – 16 May 2019

5. Policy to be effective from 1 July 2019


The Draft Grid Policy is available to download for review here.


We would appreciate your help in formulating a fair and equitable policy and would be grateful for any comments you may have. This feedback may be lodged at Council offices or by email to:


Phil Krisanski