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Winton Police Operating Hours

The Winton Police office hours are 8.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Thursday. The Winton Police Station's new phone number is 07 4652 5130.

Winton Police Station is not a 24hour station. The officers work a variety of shifts on any given day. 

If the station is unattended, please call 000 in an emergency or 131 444 for non-urgent matter but would like police to attend or to contact you. 

Also, you can download the Police link application on your phone for online reporting, Suspicious Activity in the area, Hooning, Noise/Party Complaints, lost property etc.  

There has been a great deal of discussion about thefts in Winton lately. The police have only received 2 reports of theft.  If you have been a victim of theft or want to discuss any suspicious behaviour, please contact police on the numbers above. 

Please ensure you are locking your vehicles and close windows when vehicles are unattended.  Ensure you secure your houses and sheds when not home to help prevent any further issues. 

Also, the Outback Festival is not far away now.  Winton Police would like everyone to experience a safe and enjoyable festival.  Remember to stay Hydrated – occasionally drinking water.  Don’t consume alcohol outside of the Wet Area signs. 



A/Sgt 4026030

 Winton Police