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Vendor Panel

What is Vendor Panel?

Winton Shire Council is introducing a new online procurement process using ‘VendorPanel’. VendorPanel seamlessly integrates access to a wide range of suppliers where quotes will be made available in one place using simple consistent tools.

Council will be utilising VendorPanel for the following items:

Pre-qualified Supplier

Supplier Marketplace

What is a Pre-Qualified Supplier?

Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers (RPQS): is a contractual arrangement set up when the requirements of s.232 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 are met which consists of suppliers who have been assessed as having the technical, financial and managerial capability necessary to perform contracts on time and in accordance with agreed requirements. An RPQS does not generally include fixed pricing and therefore requires that Council undertake a further Request for Quotation process.

Winton Shire Council will be gradually starting the tendering process for Pre-Qualified Supplier Arrangements for categories such as Engineering Services, Plant Hire, Bulk Materials etc.

Please use the below link to download Council’s current Tenders:

What is a Supplier Marketplace?

VendorPanel marketplace will be used when there is no pre-qualified supplier arrangement in place and where the proposed spending is less than $200,000.  Requesting quotes through marketplace will make it easier to engage with our current and future local suppliers as well as the open market.

Registering your business to the VendorPanel Marketplace will give you the opportunity to have all your goods and services presented to Council.

Please register your business by visiting VendorPanel Marketplace website:

  • Promote your business to Council Staff
  • Registration is free & only takes a few minutes
  • Request for quotes will be sent directly to your inbox


Please use the link below to access Council’s Marketplace Link:

If you have any questions regarding registration, please feel free to contact the VendorPanel helpdesk via or phone: (03) 9095 6181.

If you have any questions regarding Council’s procurement procedure, please contact Mrs Tiffany Neilson on (07) 4657 2666.