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Positions Available

Positions are available for the following temporary positions during the upcoming election.

Officer in Charge (OIC)

13th – 18 May 2019


This role is responsible for the preparation and set up of the Polling Place before polling commences on Polling Day.

This role includes supervision of Polling Place staff, management and security of materials  including ballot papers, liaison with voters and party workers, scrutiny management and return of materials. The 2IC assists the OIC to manage Polling Places with a large number of anticipated voters. They assume the role of the OIC when the OIC is not present (ie on a break).

This role will be required to work long hours in varying Polling Place conditions and may be required to work either side of Polling Day. This role typically supervises one or more staff in remote Polling Places and may supervise up to 20 staff in larger metropolitan Polling Places.

The role reports to the DRO, but also works with some direction from the PPLO. The role will require the use of a private motor vehicle to collect and return polling material.


Pre Poll

13th – 18th May 2019


The purpose of these roles is to issue ballot material in a Pre-poll Voting Centre or Interstate Voting Centre. Pre-poll Assistants may rotate through a range of tasks throughout the Polling Period. This may include issuing both declaration and ordinary ballot material, guarding ballot boxes, queue management and scrutiny.

They may undertake the role of Interstate Voting Centre Assistant on Polling Day (to be an Interstate Voting Centre Assistant, the person must have been a Pre-poll Assistant).

Pre-poll Assistants are required to work over the Polling Period on a roster that typically involves long hours and prolonged periods of sitting and standing. Pre-poll Voting Centres vary in size depending on location and could be located at places such as international or domestic airport terminals. The Interstate Voting Centre Assistant issues declaration ballot material on Polling Day.


Please contact Tahlia Donker, Senior Recruitment Consultant, HAYS Recruiting Mt Isa on 07 4960 1121 if interested.