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Naming of Council Bore Sites

The Winton Shire Council currently operates with four (4) Artesian Bores strategically placed around the township.  Specific details for each of the bore sites is provided below: -

Bore No. Reference Constructed Named Water Lic.
1 RN407 1894 Robert Allen 403982
2 RN14269 1960 EC Phillott 403982
3 RN51918 1984 EB Bryce 403982
4 RN118365 2005 ? 403981


Bore No. 2 was named after EC Phillott and Bore No. 3 after EB Bryce.  At the September 2019 Council Meeting, Council resolved to name Bore No. 1 after Robert Allen (who named the Town of Winton).  Council is also seeking to assign a name to Bore No. 4 which is located adjacent to the Geothermal Plant.  To assist Council in this very difficult selection process, we invite suggestions from community members on who you feel the bore should be named after.

Your feedback can be directed to Miss Shannon Van Bael at the Shire Office or via email to before the closing date Friday 1 November 2019 at 4.30pm.